Knitted with Love

Awake in a Dream Design is more then a shop, it is a dream come true for my mother and me.  My mother learned to crochet since she was a girl in Cuba.  She taught me when I was a teenager and I fall in love with it.  We came to the United State of America scaping the communist dictatorial regime that governs Cuba. We are very grateful for the wonderful life and the freedom we enjoy in these marvelous country.  The crochet became a hobby stored in our memories. Recently my mother retired and she was feeling sad at home.  I went to a craft store and bought her yarns and needles.  I saw her smiling face again, She stared to make hats for my kids, for me, for friends.  We even stared to knit together,  something that I enjoy so much.  Then we decided to open an Etsy Store. We are very happy to bring joy to other people with our unique pieces, all of them: Knitted with Love!